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Technical tips

Zenith Thermal:

High Quality High Performance Energy Efficient Low NOx Eco friendly Thermal Solutions ZTE/Tips

Three pass wetback design manufactured to the latest Class 1 IBR Specifications for long term efficiency low maintenance operation / high fuel savings

Boiler Efficiency Tips

Exhaust Gas & Fuel Gas can preheat feed water. A 60 degree C raise in feed water temperature corresponds to a 1% savings in fuel consumption. Chemical required for the Water Treatment Plant is also lower. A reduction in fuel gas temperature increases boiler efficiency by 1%. Your boiler is more efficient and saves cost.


Quality Water Treatment Plant
A Quality water treatment plant is vital. Scales formed on tubes can lead to 18% increase in fuel usage. Also prevents tube failure, expensive repairs and down time.

Electronic Control & Digital Combustion (Dunphy's)
Combustion Technology can enhance the efficiency of boilers and considerably reduce fuel consumption. Gas fired boilers can use Ratiotronics / Oxygen Trim. Reduce fuel consumption by 5% and electrical consumption by 25% using variable speed combustion air fan.

Incorrect insulation work will result in considerable heat loss and increased fuel usage. A bare steam pipe 150 mm dia. and 100 m length, carrying saturated steam at 8 kg/cm2 would waste 25KL oil in a year. 50 mm Rockwool / equivalent with Aluminium or GI cladding will save waste.

Regular and preventive maintenance will save fuel and increase boiler efficiency. A 3 mm thick soot deposit on heat transfer surface can cause a 2.5% increase in fuel usage. A 3 mm dia. hole on a pipe line carrying 7 Kg/cm2 steam would waste 32 KL of fuel oil per year.


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Working Orders
Dunphy Combustion Limited. U.K. has recently supplied 14 Ultra Low Nox burners to the Expo 2000 in Hanover. This is the showpiece of German Engineering excellence. Dunphy Products were selected as they were one of the few companies that could meet the Ultra Low Nox requirements specified by the consultants, and having been able to offer a microprocessor based fuel control has enabled data to be downloaded and displayed during the period of the Expo 2000.

The 'TG 420 YMRT' is the largest of the burners supplied firing a Viessmanm Turbomat RM Boiler which has an output 5.5MW.

The measured emission levels are <54mg/kWh Nox whilst operating at O2 levels of 1.3%. The Oxygen Trim system ensures that O2 level remains constant at +_ 0.1% over the turndown ratio irrespective of temperature of barometric changes. This enables the burner to operate over extremely high turndown ratios 1:12 and is a major breakthrough in burner technology, thus allowing large gas fired plant to show a considerable improvement in operating efficiency over conventional systems.

The Oxygen Trim System coupled with the Ultra Low Nox features has produced a unique product enabling Dunphy Combustion Limited to secure a significant share in the German market.

The main Boiler House will be the centre attraction and is a tribute to British Technology and Engineering expertise

Advantages: The co-axial design however, fulfills all the principal requirements of combustion equipment through the very nature of its design, a controlled and uniform pattern of air distribution enhances the efficiency of the equipment and facilitates the utilisation of pollution reduction techniques.
In addition to this, the co-axial design has the added advantage of being extremely quiet in operation, effectively reducing noise pollution levels.

Technical Tips                      Press Release

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